Why Join NCMA? Members receive opportunities to network, information on the professional, and education forums in a local setting tailored to local needs. The Dayton chapter provides professional educational and training opportunities to its members through half-day and full-day seminars, audio seminars, luncheons, and workshops. Members are also encouraged to obtain professional certification through organized chapter study programs for certification. Being a member of the Dayton Chapter of NCMA will contribute to your organizational, professional, and leadership development!

What are some other Benefits? Other benefits of membership included complimentary copies of Contract management magazine, which provides up-to-date practical information and contract management news. Members will also receive the Journal of Contract Management, an in-depth, scholarly, research based compilation of articles on the theory and practice. In addition, members will also receive CM Nes, a monthly e-mail newsletter providing the most current news and important information to the contract management community. For more benefits, visit the NCMA headquarters membership page.

How Do I Become a Member? To become a member of the Dayton Chapter of NCMA, you must register with the NCMA headquarters. Please complete the membership application and fax to (703) 448-0939 or email to [email protected]. This form may be used for new member applications and current member renewals.

Does it Cost Money to Join? There are costs associated with membership; however, student memberships are FREE! For membership costs and information, please visit the NCMA headquarters membership page.

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